One word I would ban for life “Jaystin”


Sorry to those who enjoy putting names together but I can’t abide the name Jaystin it’s so wrong on many levels, I’m all for character based names like VinCat & JTnT etc….but when it’s putting cast together it’s a huge NO! It’s too personal for me, and then u get the stupid people (granted not all) sending them messages vie social media saying they should be together…..OMG!!

I need a gif of someone pulling their hair out lmao




He smiled slightly, with a hint perhaps of flirtation. “No worry, lass. I’ve been hurt much worse, and by people much less pretty.” He bent forward for me to wash the wound with the boiled garlic decoction, and the quilt slipped from his shoulder.

…the young man was not completely exhausted after all. In fact, it was becoming embarrassingly obvious to both of us. I coughed and cleared my throat, wiping my eyes with my sleeve as I slid off his lap.





I reblogged a post and then got a comment about not removing the artist text, I am not sure what that means as all I did was hit the reblogged button and add a comment, I did not remove anything. Anyone who can explain, I would really appreciate it

You can reblog any post and comment under the original message like I’m doing now, without getting rid of the other.

You mean like this cause that is what I did last time and got a smack down ;)

'Well, I'll tell ye, Sassenach, “graceful” is possibly not the first word that springs to mind at the thought of you.' He slipped an arm behind me, one hand large and warm around my silk clad shoulder. 'But I talk to you as I talk to my own soul,' he said, turning me to face him. He reached up and cupped my cheek, fingers light on my temple. 'And Sassenach,' he whispered, 'your face is my heart.'
Jamie: “Dragonfly in Amber” ~Diana Gabaldon (via mmidl)